Our Supporters

Smiling group of volunteers and children

We are eternally grateful for the generous support of our donors.  Without your generosity we would be unable to further the work of the Kingdom and set the captives free.  A special thank you to our most generous supporters.

Amon Carter Foundation

The Hills Church

Sid W Richardson Foundation

Paul E Andrews Foundation

Luke and Whitney Pent Foundation

Mark Stubblefield

Klint Farrar

Stella and James Robertson

Jamie Romero

Halbert Harmon Foundation

Dr. and Mrs. John Honeycutt

Holloway Family Foundation

Jetstream Oil & Gas Partners

James and Whitney Meintjes

Kent Snodgrass

Hollis Sullivan

Russ Dale

Gary and Denar Goble

Brooks and Caitlin McCabe

Arnold and Esther Pent

Clay and Paula Purswell

Chad and Vicki Sears

The Fort Worth Foundation