Ministry to Children: Camp Hope LVT

Kids praying

The mission of Camp Hope is to counter the impact of adverse childhood experiences by bulletproofing the hearts of the children to equip them to withstand the emotional onslaught in their homes and community. We seek to accomplish this both practically and spiritually by building resilience in the children, creating positive childhood experiences, and countering the lies of abandonment, rejection, worthlessness, and shame through the heart of the Father.

“Although there is still much to learn about ACEs and how to prevent and mitigate their effects, we also all know that childhood experiences are not limited to those that involve adversity. All childhood experiences matter.” (source).

While we seek to create positive childhood experiences, we also seek to build resilience in the children through the truth of the unconditional love of the Father. Resilience is the quality that allows us to survive, and even gain strength, through adversity. The key components of resilience consist of healthy relationships, internal beliefs, initiative, and self-control. While we cannot protect the children from their environment and home lives, we can work to strengthen the children to rise above the storm and overcome. We also engage with the families of the children to assist them and help transform the quality of their homes and ultimately the community.