Training and Education: West Fort Worth Transformation Center

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The ultimate objective of the West Fort Worth Transformation Center is to undergird the residents in all areas of their lives and transition them from emergency assistance to career development and ultimately servant leaders within their community. We believe that in addition to financial stability, emotional, relational, and spiritual health are required to have a joy-filled, successful life. The comprehensive suite of classes and ministry support services offered through the Transformation Center address 7 areas of personal development: spiritual, emotional, relational, mental, physical, stewardship and vocational.

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We desire to not only prevent homelessness “in the moment” but to strengthen the individuals and families to move from crisis living and survival to thriving. As we work with our clients to grow in all seven areas of personal development, we help them raise up their foundation by casting a new vision for their future and providing the pathway and support along the way to move into a thriving, joy-filled life where the risk of homelessness will never be at their door again. We offer a comprehensive suite of classes in the following areas: Stewarding time, talent and treasure, prevocational training, career showcase, career education and coaching, and emotional, relational, and spiritual health. We partner with community partners for practical resources such as food, clothing, GED, ESL, medical, dental, professional counseling, etc. We also have key community partners to assist with certification programs for career advancement. It is our hearts desire to develop a network of employers to assist with placement of our clients as they transition through the Transformation Center into various career fields.